Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello everyone, I start my Sophomore year of college this Monday and one thing I love and must carry around always is my planner, usually I get plain ones from Wal-mart but this year I wanted something prettier and so I took a trip to Target and got one! I got this beautiful planner called the Day Designer Blue Sky Daily Planner. This planner cost me twenty dollars which is more than i'd usually give for a planner but I couldn't resist and in the end I saved more money because the original planner cost much more.

I hear this planner is exclusively sold at Target so if you don't have a Target near you I'm very sorry but it's okay! When I went on the website I saw a planner extremely similar to mine which I think is the original (and probably better) but just a tad different for much more (fifty nine bucks!) which you can view here.  But I found another website with the same one for much less even less than what I bought mine for which annoys me! (darn Target).  Anyways, check out her planners maybe you'll find one that you like!

I've never had a planner like this one and it definitely comes in handy! It has many different sections and something that is so cute is that it has a different quote for everyday.

The inside is all this lovely blue color that I really like, i've seen some that are pink inside but I prefer this blue.

This planner may not suit everyone, this one is a first for me only because of the format. The everyday section has times, a to-do list, notes etc which is all great just a little different.

Do you guys use a planner? I love planners so much it's so much fun! Do you have any recommendations? I hope you enjoyed a look into my new planner! Have a great day!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello everyone! So school is on it's way and for some it's already here but today I bring you 3 outfit ideas for those days where you want to be comfy but still looking fine as wineeee. Originally I wanted to call this post 3 Outfit Ideas For College students but decided against it because anyone can rock these outfits even if they aren't a student so let's get to it! 

For the one on a coffee shop date: Dress // Shoes // Bag // Sunnies 
*(btw these shoes went from 28 to 14 bucks, only one left)

For the one on the run: Shirt // Jeans // Bag // Shoes // Sunnies

For the one with a lazy Sunday: Dress // Hat // Shoes // Earrings // Bag

 I hope you guys enjoyed these three outfits! Which one is your favorite? Comment below! My favorite is the first one! 

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello everyone, just wanted to share a couple of photos. Also, I turned nineteen yesterday! So old ahhhh!

I hope you guys have an awesome day! Follow me on Instagram to stay updated! What has your life been looking like lately?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello everyone! Okay I know it's been a while that i've done a Nice Things From, it's a monthly post but i've been lacking...but I'm finally back with a new Nice Things From this time featuring Shop Sosie. So lets begin!

I think my favorite item from these six has to be the romper it's so beautiful! What's your favorite item? Thank you to all that have stuck with me even though I haven't been the best blogger. I will be working harder to be better! Thank you for your patience, have an amazing day! 
*side note: I was not paid to make this post or any of my other Nice Things From posts, it is for my enjoyment to share what I like with others. Enjoy!*

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello everyone! Recently I got a new phone (thankfully). Previously I had a Samsung Galaxy s3 which was already dying out on me so I saved a bit and got the new Galaxy s6 which is wonderful!

What I found pretty cool was that the phone now brings it's own theme shop which is how I got this pretty cute thing. I wish I could change the icons for Chrome and Instagram because it doesn't match the theme.

I like organizing all of my apps into folders that way I can find everything easily. My most used folders are shows, books, and randomish. Do you organize your apps into folders? It makes everything so much easier!

Took those with the phone, it has a great camera! (blogger did bunk down the quality a bit). On my next phone post i'll make sure to talk about some great apps! I love posts about whats inside your phone and stuff so If you've made any make sure to link it down below! Have a wonderful day.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hello everyone. Okay, I apologize for not posting in such a while. I'm just in a slump and college is kicking my ass right now. I needed something to cheer me up and get me back into the blogging swing so I went around looking at pictures and I want to share them with you today! Lets begin~

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Some Songs:

What are some awesome photos you want to share? Or anything you'd like! Next time i'll add some more things I find nice! But for now these are some photos I liked very much! Comment below you favorites! Have the loveliest day. 
(Some photographs don't have their credit source, I apologize. I tried my best to get the source, credit goes to the owner) 

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite Instagram users, I'm sure you'll like them too!

1 // @wintercourt

2 // @mattmylleville

3 // @imjennim

Some other favorites are

Check all of them out, they have such wonderful photos! What are some of your favorites? Comment below, Have a lovely day!

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