Friday, January 29, 2016

a mix for you // January

Hello everyone! I decided to make a short little playlist for you all of the songs that I have been listening to lately. I love sharing music with other people and having them share music with me so if you have some recommendations please leave them below! This playlist has a little bit of everything, just the way I like it. 

I usually make playlists on 8tracks which you can view here, but this time I decided to go for Spotify since on 8tracks you have limited skipping and I see a lot of people have Spotify. Can I just say, I love Spotify it's great! But anyways, I hope you all have a great day/night! Comment any songs you've been listening to lately! 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Etude House - Dear Darling Tint

Hello everyone! How's it going? I hope everyones having fun these days! I just started my last semester of my Sophomore year in college, wish me luck!

Today I bring you a review of one of the Etude House products called Dear Darling Tint. I've always wanted to try something from Etude House and recently on Amazon I found this lip tint and it was pretty cheap so I went ahead and bought it. I got the lip tint in the shade Vampire Red. You can buy this tint on their website or an Amazon like I did. They have three other shades on their website.

I paid $4.90 on Amazon with free shipping. It also came with three free samples. Shipping was much faster than I expected which was great!

The consistency is like water and like the picture shows, it does stain.

So when I applied it it was nice, water like, smelled like grapes, and to my surprise it actually looks good in the photo! but in person i don't like it quite that much. BUT, I won't complain for that price!

I decided to see how it would look like on my sister since she has much lighter lips than I do and this is how it came out

I have to say, it looks much better on her! It stains rather quickly so at first I messed up on myself and I was like "ahhh!" because it wasn't coming off, so I wiped it with cocoa butter and tada! 

☆ Nice color (especially if you have light lips)
☆ Stayed on around 2-3 hours 
☆ Doesn't smell bad, smells like grapes!
☆ It doesn't feel cakey/heavy

☆ Doesn't stay on my top lip much 
☆ Lips looked a little too dry (but that could be fixed by exfoliating) 

After I tried this lip tint I decided to try the samples they gave me, I tried two of the three they gave me and I love them! I tried the TonyMoly Tomatox Massing Mask and after I washed it off my skin felt and looked great. I then tried the TonyMoly Brightening Peeling Gel and that one definitely brightened up my skin like it said! I'm planning on buying both of those!

Now, after trying this out I asked myself was this worth it and will I buy it again? The answer is yes this was worth it! Because $4.90 isn't bad! But, will I buy it again? No, I probably won't be buying this product again but for now i'll definitely keep using it until it's gone. 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

home inspiration

Hello everyone! I was just browsing around the home section of Polyvore and saw some beautiful items that inspired me to make this post. Recently my parents moved into a new home and I needed some ideas on how to re-decorate my new room. So I wanted to show you some of the pieces that I really like, lets begin!

1 // 2 // 3

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Lately i've just been on a home decor craze! Some of the prices of these items are insane but stores like Marshalls have really great home items for good prices so I usually go there to look at some items for my room. Did you like any of these items? Comment below! 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What i read for 2015

Hello everyone! My reading goal for the year of 2015 was only ten books and the reason for that was because I knew I would be too busy with my school work to be able to read anymore than that. This year I set my reading goal for fifteen books! I've read some comments about reading goals being dumb etc because reading shouldn't be a competition but to me it's not a competition. When I set my reading goal it helps motivate me to read more which is how I managed to read those ten books last year and although it may not seem like a lot, it was good accomplishment to me because regardless of my busy schedule I managed to pull out time and dedicate it to reading.

So today I want to share with you the ten books I read for 2015. Lets begin!

Vampire Academy -  4/5 stars // Allegiant - 5/5 stars // Dead To You - 3/5 stars 

Vampire Academy // This book is for those looking for something supernatural vampire filled with romance and action. It's the first of a series.

Allegiant // If you've read Divergent and Insurgent then this ones next!

Dead To You // Okay so although this one wasn't my favorite, it could be yours. If you're looking for something mysterious and about abduction, this ones for you!

Love & Misadventure - 3/5 stars // The Boss - 3/5 stars // A Midsummer Night's Dream 4/5 stars 

Love & Misadventure // This book is for the lovers of romantic poetry. This one wasn't my favorite, in fact I was a bit disappointed but i've heard great reviews on it so maybe you'll like it! 

The Boss // This book is for the lovers of erotica, so if you're underage this book isn't for you. I saw this book for free on amazon and downloaded and it was actually pretty good. Now that I think about it I'd give this a 4 out of 5 but I won't change it because a 3 out of 5 is how I felt at the moment. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream // This book is for the lovers of classics and for those who like Shakespeare. This is the first Shakespeare play i've read that I actually liked. 

Choker - 4/5 stars // Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess - 5/5 stars // My Secret: A Postsecret Book - 4/5 stars 

Choker // Okay this book was crazy! This book is for those that want a thriller that keeps you on your toes 

Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess // This one is for those that like mangas! I love reading mangas and this one was really great! (you can find it online for free *cough cough*)

My Secret: A Postsecret Book // This one is for those that like secrets and confessions 

This last book was my absolute favorite for 2015. I could not put the book down!

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it was fantastic. It was so heart warming and at the same time heart wrenching and I even cried. 

Eleanor & Park made me want to read every other book Rainbow Rowell has put out and I will! 

I recommend this to everyone especially for those looking for sweet romance. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have you read any of the books I listed? Do you have a reading goal for this year? Leave you comments below i'd love to read them. I hope you all have a great day!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another Try At Goal Setting For 2016

Hello everyone! Since it's soon to be a new year I wanted to do 2016 goals post. Originally I was not going to make a new year goal post because I never keep up with my goals but I decided to give it a try again, I wanted to set more realistic goals so i've come up with 3 goals for this new year. Lets begin!

1 // Learn that it's okay to not accomplish the goals

Let me explain, sometimes people beat themselves up because they didn't accomplish the goals they set and that's okay! Maybe it just wasn't the right time for that goal to be accomplished so don't kick yourself down just work harder and believe in yourself!

2 // Small goals count too

Sometimes I forget that the little goals count too. Little goals like if you accomplished studying for two hours, that's great too! To get to that big goal you need to remember that the little ones count too! So if you want to set the habit of studying for two hours everyday just start small, say "I'm going to study for two hours three days this week!" and with that you increase until you accomplish your goal.

3 // Journal more often

I love writing in my journal, i've always done it but sometimes with being busy with school and work I find that I don't have time but it's so important to take time out of your day to reflect on things and journaling helps me with that. So I want to get into the habit of journaling everyday. There are so many benefits of journaling. It can reduce stress, help express your feelings, help you know yourself much better, and even track growth. I look back at my old journals and compare them to the one I have now and I can see the growth and it's amazing. If you don't journal you should consider doing it, you might love it!

What do you guys think about setting goals? Leave your comments below! I hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Nice Things From: Etsy (Christmas Edition)

Hello everyone! How are thing goings? Hopefully well! Next week is finals week for me... wish me luck! But anyways, today I bringing back Nice Things From! This time featuring Etsy, lets begin!

I can't really decide what my favorite is. I think my favorite from this bunch is the sloth earrings, they are so cute! and the little bee necklace, it's so dainty and pretty! Which is your favorite? Comment below! I hope you all have a lovely day 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello everyone! As i've mentioned before I'm currently in my sophomore year of college and so I wanted to share with you some great apps for students that I use. Lets begin!

Wunderlist // Apple + Android

I've been using Wunderlist for quite some time already and I love it! It keeps me organized and on track. Pretty much what it is, is an app where you make lists. You can have it on your computer and have it sync to your phone which is how I have it. It comes in handy with any types of lists. You make different categories and add things to them, for example I have a grocery category and so I add a couple things and every item I get I check it off, simple. Oh, and it's free!

Forest // Apple + Android

This app is just adorable, whenever you're studying or doing anything that requires your attention you can use this app. The longer you work for the more trees you make and the bigger they get! It's sort of rewarding. Forest is free on android and 99 cents for Apple.

Google Docs // Apple + Android

I'm sure you've heard of google docs before, I use google docs for everything so this app is incredibly important to me! You can create, edit, share, and so much more with this app and it's free!

Quizlet // Apple + Android

This app is used to create flashcards, and we all know how important flashcards are! Luckily, it's free of charge as well.

Do It Tomorrow // Apple + Android

This app is great for planning for today and tomorrow. You can also use this on your computer and have it sync to your phone. The app is free for Android and $2.99 for Apple.

Cal // Apple + Android

This app is very handy, it's saved me from forgetting things a couple times. I use it as a reminder to do something. It's a fast calendar, it's also very pretty! You can make reminders on it and check things off. The app is free for both Apple and Android.

Do you use any of these apps? I use these apps ever single day and they make things so much easier for me! What are some apps you recommend? Let me know down below! I hope you all have a great day, study hard!

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