Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello guys!~ How are you? hope you're doing good. I've been okay let me fill you in on my life~ School starts soon on the 4th asjdalsdj not excited one bit. My school is a mess, it's just bad. Tomorrow at around 3 i'm leaving to this church retreat, sort of like a camp kinda? Anyways, its suppose to be like super fun etc for teens and they supposedly have a lot of fun activities. So i'm definitely looking forward to that. I come back sunday at night i think, sometime sunday. Then the next day i'll get everything ready for school and then tuesday is school,  waking up early sucks ass. At least i'll be away from home hopefully having fun for a couple of days, my last precious days before hell starts. I was suppose to finish the dramas i've been watching a long time ago but im so lazy so i'll try to watch some tonight and tomorrow then off to the church thing! Wish me luck guys~ Gooooodnight~ It's 8:36 over here. Goodbye~ ♡


  1. good luck :)
    best wishes!