Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello everyone! How are you?~ Hopefully doing good. Lately i've been really tired and not eating much but i'm going to start sleeping a bit earlier around 8:30 maybe, i'm just so tired. As for the eating part i don't care about but i know i should. Just gotta make time to eat breakfast. I need more music to listen to, if you have any please recommend me some. I saw two movies~ both great but one greater than the other. I saw The Cabin in the Woods and 6 Bullets. I enjoyed 6 bullets more though. I expected The Cabin in the Woods to be much much better but it wasn't like i expected. It was kinda weird actually, really weird.. LOL but i still enjoyed it. I am extremely excited to see The Perks of being a Wallflower, as well as The House at the End of the Street & TAKEN 2 YES YES AMEN TAKEN 2 extremely excited for that one!!

Yes i am wearing my uniform, my very much annoying uni.

My hair has grown a lot, it's time for a hair cut! Maybe up to my shoulders. Suggestions? 
On to the wishlist!

  1. Tortoriello Backpack from Aldo - $60
  2. Some good quality camera i have yet to still think of. I need one since i just take photos with my crap quality phone cam, suggestions? 
  3. Your souls!
This is the Tortoriello bag! So beautiful! 
I can't wait for Christmas to come and for the weather to get chillier! I just love it so much. That's it for now guys. I hope you have a wonderful day, goodbye for now. I'll leave you with some amazing songs.


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