Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So I've decided to carry on the holiday spirit with this tag! This tag was created by kawaiifourlife click here for his youtube, he's amazing check him out! So let's get started!

  1. Have you ever touched snow before?
Yes I have. I live in Pennsylvania and it snows a lot but lately it hasn't been. Last year it snowed on Halloween  This year so far it hasn't snowed. It's snowing less and less.. 

    2.  Favorite scent for winter?

Anything sweet! I really dislike gingerbread scented things though. I like cupcake scented things and sometimes cookie ones. 

    3. Favorite clothing or accessory? 

I find myself wearing tons of scarves. Mostly my black knitted infinity scarf from forever21. As for a clothing piece i just wear anything warm and cute. 

    4. What are you doing for Christmas? 

I'm not sure yet but probably going to have a party with family!

    5. Favorite drink for the holiday? 

I drink this all the time even if it's not a holiday but hot cocoa would be my choice. Just finished drinking some right now. With marshmallows and all that jazz, i don't even like marshmallows but on hot cocoa it's great! 

    6. What is the main thing you want on your Christmas wishlist? 

Well, i wanted the iphone 5 but i thought about it and my father and friends convinced me to get the galaxy s3 so hopefully i'll get that! It's so beautiful  

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