Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello everyone! I saw this on a blog a while ago and I thought it was pretty cool and decided to do it. Here are the links for it [click - click] Hope you all enjoy this and leave me a comment if you'd like. Also I've been meaning to say this, when you leave a comment make sure to leave your blog link too because I always love checking out new blogs! Okay so lets begin

i. the way we treat the waiter/waitress: I always remember to be kind and be polite, it's so important. 
ii. how they feel about the weather: I'm not a huge fan of really hot days or rain. So if its not those two then i'm totally good.
iii. weather they dog ear pages or highlight in books: I don't do either, I like to keep my books at the best conditions buttttt... I'm not saying that's wrong. Now that I've read this I just remembered that I wanted to highlight a favorite quote of mine in a book.
iv. fingernails: My nails are always long (then they break) I don't paint my nails, hardly. It's just so annoying!
v. and hands in general: I like hands, they're nice and useful. I have old lady hands though
vi. their preferred creative outlet: I love to write
vii. how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone: I honestly don't like talking on the phone, I just never know what to say!
viii. where or not they drink coffee: I love coffee, it's so delicious but I don't drink it often.
ix. if they ever for get to eat: Yes, this is happening now since i'm keeping myself busy but then my stomach growls and then i'm like oh yeah, food!
x. how honest are they with themselves (and others): I try to be as honest as can be, because no one loves a liar.
xi. if they correct your grammar: I would correct them but that's sort of annoying so I just ignore it, but if i'm helping someone with lets say a paper, i'll tell them. 
xii. where or not they get nervous before haircuts: Only a little, because every time I get a haircut there's always something wrong. 

pt. 2

i. what articles are in their purse/bag: Most importantly my phone, keys, pen, and earphones.
ii. and what size it is: Medium-ish
iii. the way they wear their hair (style and length): Mostly straight and long. Time for a haircut!
iv. what their handwriting looks like: So if im in a hurry it's just gibberish you can't even understand, but if i'm being neat then it just looks big and easy to read (i think)
v. how they respond to awkward stituations: Change the subject, or at least i try to! (i'm sort of awkward sorry)
vi. if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables: I love fruit! and depends the vegetable (I like broccoli, lettuce, etc)
vii. if they enjoy British TV shows: I don't watch much, couple eps of doctor who which was awesome. If you have any recommendations please comment below!
viii. whether or not they smiles at strangers: I usually catch myself doing so, a smile doesn't hurt so go for it! It might even brighten up someones day, you never know what they're going through.
ix. if they keep a grocery list (and use it) well ladies and possibly gentlemen, I don't do the shopping so nope none of that jazz, and that's the last for you all~!

That's all! I hope you all enjoyed this and got to know me a little better. If you want to do this go right ahead and make sure to link me if you do so, also remember if you comment below leave your blog link if you have one! I'd love to check out all of your blogs! Take care amigos and have a beautiful day. Also side note: my internship is going good so far so thanks for the good lucks, i'll talk about it more later! Have a lovely day! 
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