Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello everyone! I bring you some photos of last month, I feel like I don't update my Instagram as much. Well anyways, let begin!

Playing Pokemon recently! (stuck on a gym leader) // My cousin and I // Some tasty gelato

ootd on a lovely windy day // i've found love in making smoothies and adding fiber and flax seeds in them // oh look selfie!

ootd, looking for room stuff // watching the dark knight all over because it's amazing // chilly day

and the final photo which describes everything to me right now! I'm making my way through Allegiant and I seriously hope it ends well even though everyone keeps saying it doesn't! It's so good! Have any of you read the Divergent trilogy? If not, then I recommend it! I need to see the movie asap, well anyways have a lovely day and take care!


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