Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a review from an American cosmetic company called Golden Rose Cosmetics. Specifically I'm reviewing one of their eyeshadows I received as a gift. Lets begin!  

The eyeshadow I received as a gift from my cousin is called Terracotta Sparkle Trio (403). It's blue and silver glitter, they have other color trios for this. You can check it out here.

I don't wear makeup normally nor do I know much about it so this is a first for me, lately i've been getting into it and decided to put this eyeshadow on. First thing I noticed was how lovely the colors were but as I was putting some on I noticed how easily it left (it's like you're not exactly getting any payoff so you have to keep rubbing). I put some on my hand and gave it a blow and the colors quickly went away. The color that last the longest was the darkest shade of blue. As for the silver in between, the texture is quite different from the other two and it doesn't stay on that easily. I'm guessing a primer will definitely be necessary for this eyeshadow. The colors are a bit sheer so I had to do 2-3 swatches to make sure it showed good enough. The shadows have a nice silky texture so I'll give them that!

I'm not sure I would purchase this shadow, I would probably go for something else. I've heard good reviews from their other products so perhaps they have some other lovely products. Their products aren't expensive either, they're quite cheap in my opinion.

Overall the colors are so lovely and it's great they have more colors, I wish the color stayed on longer. You do need to make sure to apply it more than once because it'll feel like the color isn't exactly coming off as much. Would I purchase this? not exactly. I would rather find my way to some makeup store and purchase some other lovely shadow.

I give this... 3/5

Thank you all for being lovely and sticking around! I hope you enjoyed this little review and hopefully there is more to come! Have the loveliest day.

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