Wednesday, March 4, 2015

E.l.f. review

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a small review of two e.l.f. products. These two products are their cream eyeliner and the lip stain.

So starting with their cream eyeliner. The price is three dollars, very inexpensive. I don't really wear makeup and I wanted to start wearing eyeliner because winged looks very lovely, so I got this to try it out and I really love it. It's so easy to apply (this is coming from a girl who doesn't know how to apply eyeliner AT ALL... I'm terrible...). It brings a little brush which is also very nice and helps the application process go by smoothly. The only bad thing I'd have to say about this is that it does transfer a bit throughout the day. But I can't really complain for something worth three bucks!

As for the lip stain, I was very disappointed. But then again it did only cost two dollars. I had trouble applying this because the color wouldn't apply/come out (however you want to call it). I did a swatch on my hand (including the eyeliner) and it was a miracle some even came out. At least you guys get the see the pretty color. This lip stain was in nude nectar. I actually threw it away right after I shot the photos since it was so dry and useless. I'm sure their studio lip stain is much better so don't be completely put off!

Here are the swatches. I give the eyeliner a 4.5 out of 5 it's seriously great! and as for the lip stain it gets a 0 out of 5 since it was just dry even though like I said before it was a miracle I even got it to stain my hand for the picture.

I hope you all enjoyed this little review, leave a comment before if you've used these products before or what you would recommend me. I hope you all have a lovely day!

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