Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello everyone! Recently I got a new phone (thankfully). Previously I had a Samsung Galaxy s3 which was already dying out on me so I saved a bit and got the new Galaxy s6 which is wonderful!

What I found pretty cool was that the phone now brings it's own theme shop which is how I got this pretty cute thing. I wish I could change the icons for Chrome and Instagram because it doesn't match the theme.

I like organizing all of my apps into folders that way I can find everything easily. My most used folders are shows, books, and randomish. Do you organize your apps into folders? It makes everything so much easier!

Took those with the phone, it has a great camera! (blogger did bunk down the quality a bit). On my next phone post i'll make sure to talk about some great apps! I love posts about whats inside your phone and stuff so If you've made any make sure to link it down below! Have a wonderful day.

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