Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Etude House - Dear Darling Tint

Hello everyone! How's it going? I hope everyones having fun these days! I just started my last semester of my Sophomore year in college, wish me luck!

Today I bring you a review of one of the Etude House products called Dear Darling Tint. I've always wanted to try something from Etude House and recently on Amazon I found this lip tint and it was pretty cheap so I went ahead and bought it. I got the lip tint in the shade Vampire Red. You can buy this tint on their website or an Amazon like I did. They have three other shades on their website.

I paid $4.90 on Amazon with free shipping. It also came with three free samples. Shipping was much faster than I expected which was great!

The consistency is like water and like the picture shows, it does stain.

So when I applied it it was nice, water like, smelled like grapes, and to my surprise it actually looks good in the photo! but in person i don't like it quite that much. BUT, I won't complain for that price!

I decided to see how it would look like on my sister since she has much lighter lips than I do and this is how it came out

I have to say, it looks much better on her! It stains rather quickly so at first I messed up on myself and I was like "ahhh!" because it wasn't coming off, so I wiped it with cocoa butter and tada! 

☆ Nice color (especially if you have light lips)
☆ Stayed on around 2-3 hours 
☆ Doesn't smell bad, smells like grapes!
☆ It doesn't feel cakey/heavy

☆ Doesn't stay on my top lip much 
☆ Lips looked a little too dry (but that could be fixed by exfoliating) 

After I tried this lip tint I decided to try the samples they gave me, I tried two of the three they gave me and I love them! I tried the TonyMoly Tomatox Massing Mask and after I washed it off my skin felt and looked great. I then tried the TonyMoly Brightening Peeling Gel and that one definitely brightened up my skin like it said! I'm planning on buying both of those!

Now, after trying this out I asked myself was this worth it and will I buy it again? The answer is yes this was worth it! Because $4.90 isn't bad! But, will I buy it again? No, I probably won't be buying this product again but for now i'll definitely keep using it until it's gone. 

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