Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I guess i should make my first personal post Well lets see, I'll just talk about today. Lately I've been working out but just doing simple things, but then i wanted to do some harder stuff, so yesterday i did some fat melting pop cardio from the Blogilates & i was beat! So exhausted! This morning my legs were killing me. I was suppose to do that exercise 4x's but i didn't ~wimp right here~ so today i did something less painful or at least i thought it would be, i did some pop pilates for beginners a total body workout and holy crap that was painful! Maybe its just me since i'm totally lazy, but that's in the past! This chicka is fresh and new! ready for a healthy life style, aidjasd that was corny (*≧▽≦) anyways i want to post pics up but eeehh such low quality photos suck i'll post some eventually just to make the posts better! Goodnight world, its 7:22 PM it's about time to get off of this.

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