Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've always wanted to make one of those whats in my bag things! they are so fun to look at~ so here's mine~ (>◡<*)anyways lets get started!

  1. So that's my bag, i got this bag at JC Penny. There is this section that is called MNG by Mango I love that section so much! Small but awesome! I saw this bag and seriously fell in love. I can't seem to find it on the website so sorry  
  2.  In the small pocket of my bag I have things like gum & a owl necklace i got from forever21
  3.  here i have my korilakkuma headphones & some other earphones i always carry around if i don't want to use headphones. I also have some old headband that was my mothers
  4. This is my wallet I don't remember when i got this or if someone gave it to me not, it's from d.r. though its cute.
  5. My little baby LOL I carry her everywhere but im almost out of film aisdhasd noo  
  6. Here i have the book i'm currently reading, i always carry a book. This one's white cat by holly black so far its good~ & also there's my planner.
  7. Here i have my keys, Deo, eos lip thingy, some mini lotion i got from bath & body works, i love that place and this lotion smells so sweeeet! 
  8. & finally here is just all my crap so messy This was pretty fun to do, i'm starting to really like blogspot. okay bye~


  1. I love the Korilakkuma earphones!
    Blogspot is just awesome for writing about everything, i find reading about others so interesting ^o^

    ♥ Sapphire

    1. Thank you!~ ♡ They are super cute & sound great~ & Yeah totally agree, I also love to read about others~ (>◡<*)

  2. I like MNG by Mango! They have some nice things. Love your camera! :D

    1. Yeah they do! & thanks~ time for me to get more film though xD