Friday, August 24, 2012


So yesterday I saw this movie, Seducing Mr. Perfect. It was hilarious! I loved it! The guy who played Mr. Robin (Daniel Henney) alidjasd he was so incredibly hot  the way he spoke was i don't even know, just kind of mesmerizing. Okay so I kinda forgot to tell you guys what its about so i came back to edit this lol anyways this movie is about Min-joon and she is a true believer of love. She's always dedicated to her relationships. So one day while she was driving she bumps into some persons car! & it takes off from there! I can't tell you too much. I totally recommended this movie to anyone who loves some hilarious Korean comedy movies. I saw it on youtube >click hurrr< with english subs though. Enjoy! I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars whoot whoot!


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  2. omg Daniel Henney is soo perfect *_* especially in X Men. GOD how is it possible for anyone to be so gorgeous???

    1. omg i know right! I was spazzing while watching that movie, askdjsad <3