Friday, December 14, 2012


Hex Hall #1 - Rachel Hawkins
Okay I've decided to make a book review for Hex Hall because i just finished it and i'm freaking out like crazy and i cannot contain my emotions so here we goooooo~ Quick description: Here we have Sophie Mercer who recently discovered that she's a witch, she's also quite the troublemaker. Because of her trouble making problems she is sent to a school for troublemakers just like her! They call it: Hex Hall. Here she meets plenty of people like her including others like faeries, shapeshifters, and an interesting vampire. Strange things start happening in Hex Hall and Sophie must find out who is trying to kill her kind! dun dun dun!!
So on to the review! 
So here we have a hilarious main character who i just love so much! She's sarcastic and snappy when she needs to be also very smart. It's such a quick read. I thought the characters were really fun especially Sophie of course, and Archer. I took a lot of interest in Archer. If Sophie were a real person then i would love to hand out with her. The plot is easy to follow and the characters are wonderful even though a lot of them make me want to throw my book somewhere. I was going crazy near the end of the book! So many twists i loved every bit of it! I don't think i can say more positive things about Sophie, she's just hilarious and easy to relate. I loved the mystery of the book. Sophie isn't the best witch.. but she's getting there! I just absolutely loved every bit of the book and i don't want to say to much because then i'll spoil it! THE ENDING, hug me please because near the ending it was insane and i was going crazy talking to myself and screaming because of the twists! lol i hope any of you guys pick this book up and read it because it's great! I'll definitely be picking up the second book. 

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