Monday, December 10, 2012


Logan Lerman, you can't deny his beauty okay! Look at that face! Now go watch his movies, he's precious. 

Gao Godfrey, UH future Magnus Bane! If you don't know who Magnus Bane is then i highly suggest you go to pick up all the whole Mortal Instruments series and read them right away! Then go watch the movie trailer so you can spazz and feel my joy.

Johnny Depp, no need to for explanation because you already know.

And for last, Matsushita Yuya. One of my favorite singers! He is just fantastic and i can't get enough of him asdjasdklj  i'm in loveeeee Go check out his music videos! You will fall in love!~ 

There are obviously tons of more guys that are just super sexy and asodjad ♡ But i'm too lazy and tired to continue this and it would be a very long post~ So check these men out! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Take care~

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