Saturday, December 8, 2012


I haven't done a life update in a while so it thought i'd do one. How are you guys? Hope you're doing swell! I know a lot of you have super important test to take so i hope you guys do amazing. Here are some photos to update a little~

1. Pam at the pizza place, yumm pizzzzaa 2. Pam and I at apple bee's. I was supporting her school and went for breakfast at apple bee's, they were fundraising for their senior project. 3. Pizza place with Eric  with Pam, Ariel, and tons of other people. 

4. Recently my father bought me an xbox and i have been enjoying every minute of it with zumbaaa~ 5.   I was reading hex hall, seriously a great book! Can't wait to get my impatient little hands on the second book. 6. Yum yum yum, nothing better like hot chocolate on a super cold day. 

7. A little pin my mother gave me, i thought it was the cutest thing ever. She got it from JCP when she made a purchase they gave her these cute pins and you had to go online and plug in the code to see if you won anything~ 8. My awesome momma bought me this super cute mug! Thanks mom  9. Listening to The Xx because it's the best and you know it.

10. A very sleepy girl wanting to kick someone in the face lol 11. I got this little picture out of a magazine which i forgot the name of, but each month they send a magazine of those they have these little funny pictures i love them. 12. Starting to put up all my polaroids, haven't taken much because i need more film, but slowly putting them up. It's gonna look great once i'm done!

Anyways, hope you guys are doing great. If you have to take exams, don't stress it. You can do it.

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