Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hey guys!~ I haven't been listening to kpop a lot i don't know why but lately i have been again! Here are some 2012 songs to end this year. That have definitely caught my attention. Check these out because they are great! 

Lets start off with TVXQ's Catch Me

Let me just say how much i love this song and music video! It's great and fresh and i freaking love it. I love the outfits and the dance as well! Love the bits of dubstep they throw in there and also that totally rad thing (?) they have on their arms. This is definitely a great comeback. 

B1A4 - Tried To Walk 

I really love this song! I love the beat of it and the boys look very cute. Can i just comment about their hairs, they all look so great! I feel proud of them like a momma LOL because i've been a fan of them since their debut and they have grown so much! Please check this mv out and support them!

Orange Caramel - Lipstick

I love Orange Caramel they always have such catchy songs! You gotta admit that! They had me at Aing~ their songs are always so fun and the mv's are loads of fun too! I love that they always dress very similar kinda reminds me of perfume. This song was super catchy and i loved it instantly! The dance is super cute and so is the guy ohohho 

Nu'est - Face

What can i even say, i'm in love with this. Sounds like im saying the same for all of those. That is because i'm only picking the best! Nu'est, it was love at first sight!I feel like this group needs to get way more attention! They are amazing and different and just asuidjasdoj check this out maan

Infinite - Chaser

Infinite is one of my favorite bands and i can't say enough positive things about them because just auidjasodj so many feels ok i can't handle it. Infinite EVERYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT INFINITE. All i can say is that they are amazing and you will know that once you click and view the video above.  This song is so catchy and the dance is amazing! You can't deny your love for infinite.

I've only listed a couple music videos because i didn't want to make this post extremely long, please enjoy those videos above because you will surely love them!~ 

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