Friday, December 21, 2012


Can't wait to see tons of Christmas movies and just relax because finally! It's winter/Christmas break! Today we had a half day, we didn't do much just relax and watch movies. Except in math where we did work, like always. I took a couple of new photos with my sweet new phone! So happy, it was an early Christmas present, thanks papa!  So here are some weird photos of my friends and I and me moving because i'm trying to tell the chick where to click. Also, an OOTD. P.S. sorry about the lighting lol it was raining

My face looks awkward in the photo in the right, oh well. Today we had dress down, we usually wear uniforms. Here is the ootd woohoooo~ A very boring one!

I just wore the shirt and cardigan from my previous ootd and some new jeans from Garage, flats from some place idek? I just wanted to be comfy plus we were only going to be at school till 11. How's your day going? Hope it's awesome! Take care guys! I can't wait for Christmaaaaaas!

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