Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hello guys! I have a quick announcement for you all. So as most of you may know, Google is taking away Google Friend Connect so you won't be able to follow and view updates from those you follow, on your blog anymore! Yeah I know, it sucks BUTTTTT there is a solution! A way so your followers can stay updated on your post is by using Bloglovin, you can follow me on my Bloglovin here so you can stay updated! Bloglovin is the perfect way to keep yourself and others updated on your blog and others. 
Another downside of Google taking away GFC is that you won't be able to comment the same anymore, you'll have to use Google+ this may be a problem for some people but to solve this issue I have decided to use Disquis, which is a different way of commenting (I'm so bad at explaining LOL) But everything's okay now, just found 2 solutions to the problem and for those looking for the solution just click on those sites above! Have a great day everything! New post coming soooon!

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