Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hola amigos! I have a thing for mascara, I don't wear makeup but I still love to put on mascara, it just really makes the eyes look much better! The super cool mascara i'll be reviewing is the L'oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes (Waterproof Mascara) I realllly love this mascara so much! 

♡ Doesn't make my eyelashes look like spider legs!
♡ After a long day doesn't wear down to your bottom eyelid
♡ SUPER easy to take off (don't even need soap srsly)
♡ Really does extend! 
♡ Doesn't clump!
♡ Stays all day!

✖ The only con would be that it isn't really waterproof 

My eyes look all weird, I'm so used to seeing myself with glasses lol 

Overall I really LOVE this mascara! 
In the photos above, I'm not using the white side of the mascara (I don't know why but I never do!) and it still looks lovely, I love using mascara because I wear glasses and my eyes seem to shy away so thanks mascara for helping with that! For those who like the spontaneous look, you can always use both sides. I give this mascara a 5/5 because I just love it so much, its the best one I've used so far. (must buy a new oneeee I'm almost out)

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! I plan on reviewing some other things, including mascaras again (cause I really love mascara lol) so take care guys and don't forget to leave me a comment!
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