Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello! This months Nice Things From features a Street Fashion online
 shop named Romwe. So here we go, some nice things from Romwe. Enjoy!

And there we have it! Which are your favorites from these all? Personally my favorites would be... the eye jewelry, gun tights, and the camo shirt. Oh and by the way, I think the metal point collar shirt is overpriced and it's an easy DIY. You can watch a helpful DIY of how to add collar tips to any collared shirt here and here. Take care guys and have a great day!
Oh by the way, someone on tumblr (thank you!)  told me how you can get the gun tights on ebay for much much less! and i'm quite sure you can get some of these things too off of ebay for cheaper, so check out other sites + ebay before purchasing because some of these prices are just ridiculous. (snapping my fingers at dis right now) 


  1. I think I'm the only person who doesn't like the cat-ear beanies. It's not that it doesn't look good at all; I do like it on other people. I just can't see myself rocking it. :/ But, I really love those gun tights!

    1. It's totally fine because I sorta feel that way too! I really love the hat, but I don't think it'd look that cool on me LOL and yeah those gun tights are sweet!

  2. really nice pieces, like that denim shirt a lot;)X

  3. Lovely post! The cat dress is amazing! I've never heard of this brand before, it's so cute!


  4. Love the gun print tights their amazing D: x

  5. Gun print tights !! Dying. x

  6. I just discovered your blog and loved it instantly! The gradient denim shirt is a must-have for me. Xx