Friday, May 24, 2013

Nice Things To Wear For Summer

Hey guys! Summer is coming very quickly, I'm so excited. I don't like the warm weather, but what can you do about it at least there's no school! So speaking of summer, this post will be showing you guys what are some nice things to have for summer!~ Hope you all enjoy and lets get started!

Bathing Suits are super important for the summer time! You'll be out with friends and it'll be really hot so just in case you stop by a poop, make sure you have some! I chose a couple of cute ones, I really like the ones that have the cute corset looking top.

Shoes are obviously important unless you like walking barefoot everywhere then that's cool. Here I chose some different types of shoes, mostly sandals. It's also nice to have a sneaker or shoe in this case, if you have to do some other activity~

I love sunglasses, even though I don't wear them because I wear glasses and don't own contacts. There are so many different types like the cute ones I chose above. I especially love the heart shaped ones~ 

I love wearing dresses! Especially in summer time. There are so many options and they are so easy to style. Just pull on a cute summer dress, some shoes, and maybe an accessory and you're good to go! My favorite of all these choices would be the blue dress with the bow, it's adorable.

So here are some extra little things to have! Lip balm to keep your lips all nice and smooth! A bag to carry all your things of course. You'll probably need sunscreen to protect your awesome skin! Also nail polish, I don't like painting my nails cause seriously that's a lot of work and I don't have the patience to wait for it to dry lol but since your feet (and hands) will be bare most likely, you'll want them to look nice! A camera is so important! I love taking pictures of everything to keep them as memories, and Polaroids are so much fun. Last we have any body spray, I chose the Bali Mango one from Bath and Body works which is my favorite scent! It smells amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, tell me some of your Summer essentials! Thanks for being awesome and have a wonderful day!

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