Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hey everyone! I know i haven't made a post all week long! That's because I was in a program called the Fe Program at a university called DeSales. It was a lot of fun even though I was homesick since I was staying there for a whole week. I'm back now and ready to make more posts (any request? comment below!). This upcoming Monday I will start my internship! I'm so so excited and I hope it goes really well. I'm really nervous because I've never worked before so wish me luck! Another upcoming event is my birthday! I'm going to turn 17, I'm also happy to say that I am now a senior! (still don't feel like I am one LOL) Besides all this jazz I need to do two very important things, study like crazy for my SATs and my permit. My summer is going really great so far. How is your summer going? I just wanted to do this little post to keep everyone updated on everything that's going on. So I hope you have a lovely day and take care!
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