Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back with a haul

Hello everyone! I took a short break from my blog because I had some things to deal with but now I'm back! Today I bring you a very special haul. 1. It's my first haul post lol and 2. I got something that will hopefully make my posts much better! The things in this haul weren't just recently bought, I bought them at different times in the past couple of months~ Lets begin!
Thanks to my awesome dad I got this baby as an early birthday present! I turn 17 next Wednesday and I'm so excited! I plan to make great improvement with better photos etc so I hope you all like the future posts coming up! As for now, my photos wont be as amazing as someone else who knows how to handle these awesome cameras, but i'm working on it! I'll show you some photos I took with the camera below~ I need improvement but i'll learn don't worry! x) Now back to the haul!

Shirt - Marshalls // Midnight Pomegranate lotion + spray - Bath & Body Works
That shirt was really useful LOL I was looking for a shirt to match a skirt I bought for an event, and after hours at different stores I found this one which is amazing because it's literally the same color of the skirt! It's really comfortable and silky. Midnight Pomegranate smells so amazing, this has to be my second favorite scent from Bath & Body Works (number one would be bali mango). If you like fruity scents like I do definitely check this one out!

Nude Wedges - Nine West // Bra - Marshalls // Dress - JCP
I've been looking for 2 other things lately, nude shoes and a nude strapless bra which were also very useful only downside is that the bra isn't too comfy but the shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk in! As for the dress, I have yet to actually wear it outside because I have an awful uneven tan that just wont go away.

Blue short - Puma // Coral short - Marshalls // Necklace - Gift!
I wanted to add the necklace because just look how cute it is! It's adjustable too, when my cousin when to FL recently, she got me it! I've been wanting more yin yang things it looks so nice. The shorts are both comfy and very convenient because I needed them for my internship (it was crazy hot).

I bought 2 books that i've been wanting to read. I got a great deal on Wintergirls, I got it for only 3 dollars! The journal is really cute and has verses from the bible on each page. I'm currently reading Demonglass (which is craaaazy!) the first book Hex Hall was AMAZING. 

That's it for my haul! I hope you guys enjoyed it, I always like looking at other peoples hauls etc this was my first one which I enjoyed doing. Thank you all for sticking with me even though I hadn't posted anything really in the past days! I love all of your comments and love when you leave your blog links because I love checking out blogs! So if you have one, leave it below! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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