Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello everyone! I want to share with you some of my favorite blogs so you can enjoy them as well! I haven't listed ALL of my favorite blogs on this post but here are some! I hope you enjoy them just like I do! Lets begin!

The Cupcake Dictionary: Absolutely beautiful blog! Owned by a lovely girl named Jocelyn who has a way with words! Her photos are so beautiful and her blog inspires me to continue trying hard!

A Beautiful Mess: Very awesome blog! Owned by two lovely girls Elsie and Emma. Filled with crafts and beautiful photography, I know you guys would love this blog! You've probably already heard of it! Check it out anyways!

Paris in Four Months: Such a beautiful blog! I love love loveeeee her photos and I've told her a million times LOL It's just too beautiful! Please check her blog out!

Flattery: Flattery is owned by a girl named Breanne (what a cute name). She always has the loveliest outfits ever which gives me inspiration for new outfits! She's super cute check her out!

The Secret Life of Bee: Okay seriously, her photos are so beautiful. I feel like I keep saying this but seriously! such lovely photos! She's so beautiful and I hope to one day take such amazing photos like her.

Rock N Rollerr: One of the first blogs I followed! Her outfits are kickass! and I love how much she loves Blink-182 because Blink is my all time favorite band! She's so so soo sweet! I remember one time she commented on one of my post and I freaked! I was so happy! I was all like "Oh ma gaaaa, I can't believe this aasljdalsdjsaldk"

The Daily Savant: Oh man where do I start! I love her blog so much! She has such a wonderful personality and this awesome energy to her you can feel through her photos! She always has a bright smile and her outfits are always wonderful! I know you guys would enjoy her blog so go check her out! 

A Lavander Sea: I always look at her photos and just say wow. She's so beautiful and her photos are too. Her blog is unique and I love the feeling of travel I get off of it! Her blog makes me want to go out and explore the world! She's very very sweet as well! 

I hope you guys check out all of these blogs, you won't regret it! They are all so wonderful and I know you'll love them! Remember to leave your blog links below because I love to check them out! Thanks for being awesome and have a wonderful day!

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