Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello everyone! School is coming very soon for me (next month on the 3rd noooo). I know some of you guys have already started school so I hope it's going great for you all! I wanted to share 3 goals I want to achieve during my final high school year, I have other goals but these are some really important ones I wanted to share with you all. Lets begin!

Keep the positive mind set and aim for those A's! Even if sometimes you might not get them, you will next time! You just have to put your all into it and not give up! A great way to do this is by staying on track with your grades that way you'll always know how much you need to raise your grade up. You might not be good at a subject but that's alright, study really hard before exams and maybe you can even get a tutor! I'm really bad a math but whenever I need help I just stay after school and get extra help from my math teacher. Don't stress it, I know you can do it!
Join a club maybe a sport! Help out around school, do some volunteer work! Anything new you haven't tried yet! You never know, you might have a great time! This year I'll be the historian and i'll try to get some volunteer work done as well! Anything new can be great!

Staying organized is so so important especially if you have so much on your plate! I've noticed that at the beginning of the year i'm all like yeaaaaah i'm gonna stay soo organized just watch me! Then I end up not very organized after all, so this year I need to change this and try very hard to stay organized! You can purchase different notebook for each class and binders, sticky notes, planner/agenda's (super impo), different colored pens (my favorite) all of that fun jazz. I don't know about you but I love school shopping SO much! It's just so exciting for me haha. Target has so many cute things so maybe check out some things from there.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed those goals of mine. Maybe you have a similar goal? I know you can do it! Think positively and don't give up (or else i'll be after you!). I hope guys have a marvelous day, goodbye for now!

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