Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I bought this really cool lamp I really wanted to show you guys and also I dyed a little piece of my hair blue!

My hair just looks like I have extensions! Which kinda sucks because I want it to look real! but oh well I love it either way! I thought it would come out darker but it came out this way instead, i'm going to retouch it anyways. As for the lamp, isn't it so beautiful! It's super heavy! They come in different sizes mine is like medium-ish compared to the others I saw at the store. It's such a lovely soft color and it's so nice, it makes my room feel nice and cozy. The prices range depending on size. This one cost me 15 dollars but prices can go even higher. They're called Crystal Salt lamps or Himalayan Salt Lamps and they are known for generating natural ions, they release negative ions in the atmosphere which helps the air quality and many other things. I really love it! So that's it for now guys, my next post will be a "Nice Things From". Have a lovely day!

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