Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello everyone! It's been a while, how have you been? Today I bring you my favorite Fall pieces that are pretty essential and awesome! Sweaters! (and that sort of stuff), scarves, and booties! Lets begin!

I chose these three pieces because I thought they were perfect examples. Yes they are pretty darn pricey (which sucks butt) but I'm quite sure you can find similar pieces for an affordable price! (it's alright bby don't cry). I really liked #1 because It was simple, and the horses adorable! I was disappointed to see that this item is no longer available, but I still used it because like I said it's a good example of a nice pullover I would wear. #2 comes in handy for those Fall days (depending where you live) where it's colder than other days, those are the best. This parka is really lovely and you can use it for Winter as well, so yeah pretty convenient if you ask me. #3 is comfortable and perfect for those lazy days where all you want to do is lay down, eat delicious treats, and watch your favorite show.

I love scarves! They're comfortable and of course. When I'm on the bus cold as hell I just snuggle my nose into the scarf because seriously it gets cold! I love these colors of the Fall time, I think they go really great. My favorite of these all would have to be #1 because of the beautiful color and also it's an infinity scarf. #2 is a lovely gray color, as I checked it out I never imagined it to be pretty large, and it is! That makes it a million times better. #3 and #4 both beautiful colors as well. 

Tall boots and ankle boots, I'm in love. Recently I bought some cutout ankle boots and I've just fallen in love with the style which is why I chose #3. If you're the type of person that gets chilly feet then hey no problem, #2 is for you. And if perhaps you're simply not a fan of them both then maybe #1 is your choice. I was really sad to see that both number one and two are sold out but that doesn't mean you can't find a similar style, you can also be on the lookout so you'll know when they're back in stock! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little post of some Fall essentials! Which are your favorite? Comment below, I'd love to know (oooo I rhymed). I hope you all have kickass day, take care!

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