Friday, September 27, 2013

Hellooo everyone! How's it going? Autumn is in and I love it! It's my favorite season, the best in my opinion. The leaves changing to beautiful colors, perfect sweater weather, hot chocolate, and all those wonderful things! I really don't like summer (tooooo hottt!) I came across this tag on a blog and thought it was pretty cool and would like to share with you all! This tag was created by Makeup-Pixi3. Lets begin!

Favorite thing about Autumn? 
The amazing weather, not too cold or hot it's perfect! Also the clothes, amazing.

Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate, yum

Favorite scent/candle? 
I actually don't like Autumn candles, they smell pretty weird to me

Best lipstick
I don't really wear lipstick much, but I think dark colors are really beautiful in the Fall time

Go to moisturizer
Okay, I know how important it is to moisturize but I always forget to do it! I know it's bad, but listen... I have the memory of a little old lady! But when I do remember I use the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer which you can view here. I like it, though when I first started using it I started to notice blemishes appearing! But (I don't even know why) I still kept giving it a try and it's pretty good and smells nice 

Go to color for your eyes
I don't really wear makeup except for mascara and sometimes a bit of blush, I'd go for a nice neutral look though.

Favorite music to listen to
Okay so here's the perfect song: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood  Soon i'll make my perfect Fall playlist! Look forward to that! (:

Favorite outfit
Something warm and comfy, boots and all that sweet jazz

Autumn treat
I've never been trick or treating but it would seriously be nice to experience it one day! Perhaps it's too late ):

Favorite place to be
Home in my warm bed, or at the library enjoying a nice book. 

I hope you all enjoyed this lovely tag, it was lots of fun! Please feel free to do this tag! If you do, please link me below because i'd love to read it! Have a wonderful day~

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