Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hellooooo everyone! How are you all? Hopefully doing great! In the past couple of months I've purchased some pretty rad shoes that I want to share with you all! Lets begin!

I wear these flats to school because I have uniform and have to wear black shoes, these remind me of some Steve Madden flats, these look exactly like those. I bought these at Target, they are super comfy I love them! I purchased these for around 22 dollars. View them here if you'd like!

My new pair of Docs! I love them! I haven't worn them yet but Fall is here and soon Winter, they will be perfect pieces. I bought them at Journeys for $119 (eeeep lots of money, worth it!) View them here

I'm so excited to have purchased these! I will definitely be wearing these all throughout Fall! These shoes are by Steve Madden, thing is... I don't know the exact name of them! Help! If you do, please comment below! I found another pair of Steve Maddens that look pretty much exactly like these so click here if you'd like to view them!  I love the buckles and the cutout I think it's so flattering and lovely! I purchased them for around 40 dollars.

These are my last pair of shoes and they are by Carlos Santana and again I can't find the link for these! (sorry!) These pair of booties are so cute and comfortable I love them! I purchased them for around 30 dollars which is great! I will also wear these constantly in the Fall!

My mother says I own to many black pieces, and I say no mama! and then she laughs. I think these recent purchases are great! Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading, I hope you have a lovely day! 

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