Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello everyone! Finally I bring you this months Nice Things From. This month I'm featuring a shop that sells many awesome things named Sosie. I want to show you a couple of my favorite items from this shop and perhaps you'll like them as well!

For all that don't know what Nice Things From is, It's pretty much a monthly post in which I feature a shop that I find pretty cool! I show you some of my favorite pieces from that very cool shop and hope that you all enjoy it as well! Nope these post are not sponsored, I do them because well, I like it! So I hope you enjoy them as well now lets get started!

My favorite clothing item of these would be the jacket and the maxi dress! Especially the maxi dress, I'm in love! The tea set and the bangles are also really cute as well! Well anyways this concludes this months Nice Things From, I hope you enjoyed it! Check out other items from the shop, who know's maybe you'll like them? Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Take care!

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