Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nice Things From: UO

Hello eveyoneeee! Today I bring you this months Nice Things From. I'm featuring a well known shop named Urban Outfitters, I figured i'd do this one cause a lot of people like this shop. I was almost done writing this post when something happened I don't even know man and all my content was deleted, so upset but lets begin... again!

These pieces were perfect in my eyes! The boots are perfect for the Fall and Winter days coming up. As for the watch, It's lovely and pricey! It's $230, I would save that money up and buy myself Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a lovely watch but if you want a cute fun watch for an affordable price take a look at this cutie. As for the kit kat pouch, well what can I say! Only 10 dollars and super adorable! 

Okay I'm in love with this maxi dress and the jumpsuit! They both give off such classy feels! As for the cardigan, I love the color and how big and so comfy it looks, but seriously 70 dollars for a cardi? 

I saw those pants and I instantly thought fairies and stardust and all that magical stuff and I loved it! The price is pretty good too compared to other things in Urban Outfitters (most things are way overpriced) It's only 30 dollars. The two items are skirts, very cute skirts! The quilted skirt cost less than the stardust skirt which to me doesn't make sense but i'm not the one in charge (and for a reason) but either way both are very cute. The only thing that annoys me (not saying this applies to you) but skirts tend to fit me shorter than everyone else and it sucks (I blame the butt) so I would have to be quite careful with these types. 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this little post! Look forward to next months Nice Things From. Take care and have a lovely day and I hope everything is going swell for you all. 


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