Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I bring you some tasty recipes that I want to try out soon! I really like to bake (but cleaning up is such a drag) and these recipes look seriously delicious! None of these recipes are mine and neither are the photos etc. I just simply want to share them with you all and try them out for myself! 

The lovely Olivia from What Olivia Did made these delicious chocolate brownie muffins. She has other recipes you should all take a look at!

When I saw this wonderful creation I was seriously so happy. I love Twix so much! I would eat them forever! Anything caramel plus chocolate equals my love. Check out more of their recipes, they have tons!

I definitely want to make these cookies, look at them! They're dreaaaamy and very easy! If you're looking for a healthy baked good then this is not the one for you. But hey, still pretty yummy. 

This is a pretty quick and easy recipe that looks and tastes yummy! Just looking at it makes me want it right now! You can find this pretty quick recipes on her blog links above.

Here i'd like to share with you some of my favorite baking channels that I think you would all enjoy! The first of my video recommendations would be Nerdy Nummies! All of her videos are so fun and her personality just makes me love her videos even more! Here's her latest video:

The second channel that I love is kawaiisweetworld. I really love her baking videos, they're always cute and creative. Here's a video of one of the recipes I baked yesterday which turned out pretty darn yummy:

The last channel is cutiepiemarzia, she makes all sorts of videos. I really enjoy her DIY ones like this Marshmallow Dip

That's it for the recipes, I hope you enjoy all of these! Make sure to check out all of the blogs and channels, I'm sure you'll enjoy them! Take care have a lovely week!

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