Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello everyone! It's finally 2014! I feel like time flew by so quickly. Important things in my life are going to happen this year and I hope I handle them well. I usually make resolutions for the new year but psh I don't even keep them. Yeah I know, disappointing! It's easier to achieve your goal if you have small goals to obtain first! This post isn't about making some resolutions that I probably won't accomplish, I just want to share with you little things I enjoy and want to get better at. I just want to appreciate the little things that make everyday just a little better. What are some things that may not seem like a grand deal to everyone but may be nice to you? Just think about the things that make you a happy person, and that couple possibly brighten up someone else's day! I'll list a few of mine:

1 // Staying organized

Keeping all my things organized is so refreshing honestly. Walking into my room and just laying in bed knowing that everything is organized and i'll be able to find anything is awesome. If there's one thing that irks me is when people leave things all over the floor! That drives me insane (my sister does it all the time). So if your room, desk or anything is unorganized and it's driving you insane, set aside some time and clean it up. I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards. 

2 // Smiling to others

Just a simple smile can do a lot. Yeah I know some people are rude and may just completely ignore you, but at least you did something even if it's small. You never know what could happen, so smile!

3 // Read more often!

Last year I didn't read as much as I wanted to but this year i'll try harder. Choose a time when you're free and can just sit down and enjoy a book. For me that time is at night before bed, I have no distractions during that time.

4 // Go outside!

I'm guilty of not going outside as much as I should. But hey! I have an excuse (for now) it's winter and it's super cold! I want to go out as much as I can, even if it's just to enjoy the fresh air. Just do it!

Don't get discouraged! Make one of these your small goal, you'll get it done no worries. If you're as forgetful as I am, make sure to have reminders! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful day wherever you are! Stay awesome.


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