Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Valentine is coming quite soon, this may be a dreaded holiday for some (probably most) people. I only look forward to the candy (shame on me). Even if you don't have a significant other who cares! Psh, you have yourself so show yourself some loving! And you've got other people in your life you love and care about! Doesn't have to be your boyfriend/girlfriend etc. If there's one thing that I find pretty annoying about Valentines day is those damn romantic movies, they drive me crazy. I seriously can't sit down and watch them, i'll die of being so bored. Besides that, there are lovely things about the upcoming day so sit down and i'll show you some nice things to gift others or yourself under 20 dollars!

This is a very adorable journal filled with pages of things to fill in yourself, sweet things of course!

Adooooorable oven mitts! Come on how can you resist them? They're so cute, gift these to those who cook/bake.

Pretty much a lovely classic locket necklace which you can open up and place photo in if you please!

This is one of my favorite things from all of the gifts I chose. They're notecards printed with beautiful photographs, I love it!

Look at that price, psh awesome. These earrings are completely adorable.

The cutest floral bow. I love the secure clipping at the back. I've had bows where it just brings a bobby pink, I prefer the clipping. 

What's your favorite gift from these six? I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to gift yourself cause you deserve it! Take care and have a lovely day. 

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