Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello everyone! I hadn't been to the mall in a long time since I moved to my uni, so today while I was at my home visiting my family I stopped by the mall and picked up a few things on sale at Bath & Body Works.

I picked up these three scents, they all smelled amazing! I had Paris Amour before, it smells so sweet and I really like it so I got that one again and then I smelled some new ones: A Thousand Wishes and Winter Candy Apple which smell so so great.

They had a buy three get three sale so I bought some with my mother and I also had a coupon that gave us a free item so I chose this lotion same as the perfume (smells heavenly).

Bath & Body Works has some great collections, I love their candles and pretty much everything. Check them out if you haven't, you'll surely find something you like!

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