Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello everyone, Christmas is coming up very soon i'm super excited (also excited for thanksgiving because food + i'll be home). I made this post to help if you're looking for some gift ideas, these are just some nice gifts that I think would be very cute to give/receive. Lets begin!

1 // Pink Evelyn Lomography Camera 
This itty bitty adorable camera is a perfect gift. It's small, very cute, and it's a camera like come on. Uh, awesome! Sadly, I wasn't able to find a link to buy it from but it's usually sold in UO.

2  // Porcelain Pineapple Lamp 
SO CUTE! But oh so pricey, fifty bucks? I'll have to think about it.

3 // Jumper Mug
This mug is just so cute, really does look like a Christmas jumper! 

4 // Heart Shaped Mirror
All cute things are so expensive (sigh) this is just so cute!

5 // Naked 3 Palette
Self explanatory, just awesome. My sister really likes this... hmmm (sounds like a good gift)

6 // Panda Flats - Stroke of Genus Flat in White
Of course this if from Modcloth! They always have the cutest things! Handle these cuties with care. 

7 // Cream Cable Knit Mittens
The ones in the photo sold out, so I linked you all to ones quite similar. They look very warm, definitely needed for these cold days. 

8 // Bow Midi Ring Set
Very cute, simple, and affordable! 

9 // Tomcat Watch
I've been eyeing this watch for a while now, perfect gift!

10 // Kotinos Wreath Wall Art
Perfect for your home decor obsessed friend or even your mom, i'm sure my mom would totally dig this.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, maybe it gave you some ideas. I'm sure whatever you give the person they'll appreciate. Well have a lovely day and don't forget to follow!

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