Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello everyone! Lately i've been looking around some styles and googled Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift and I just love their styles so I wanted to share some outfits that I really loved. Lets begin!

Taylor Swift seriously has a very cute/edgy sophisticated style and I love it. I love the all black ensemble and also when she matches different colors like the mustard and navy blue shown above.

The second and final style inspiration is Kate Middleton, she has an elegant style and also a very prep style which I find to be very cute. She wears very elegant dresses with lovely accessories and for the prep styles she tends to wear cashmere sweaters and blazers like the ones above!

I really like changing up my style which is why I say I don't exactly have a specific style, I just go with what i'm feeling that day. But I really love both of these girls styles. Which one is your favorite?

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