Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello everyone, I start my Sophomore year of college this Monday and one thing I love and must carry around always is my planner, usually I get plain ones from Wal-mart but this year I wanted something prettier and so I took a trip to Target and got one! I got this beautiful planner called the Day Designer Blue Sky Daily Planner. This planner cost me twenty dollars which is more than i'd usually give for a planner but I couldn't resist and in the end I saved more money because the original planner cost much more.

I hear this planner is exclusively sold at Target so if you don't have a Target near you I'm very sorry but it's okay! When I went on the website I saw a planner extremely similar to mine which I think is the original (and probably better) but just a tad different for much more (fifty nine bucks!) which you can view here.  But I found another website with the same one for much less even less than what I bought mine for which annoys me! (darn Target).  Anyways, check out her planners maybe you'll find one that you like!

I've never had a planner like this one and it definitely comes in handy! It has many different sections and something that is so cute is that it has a different quote for everyday.

The inside is all this lovely blue color that I really like, i've seen some that are pink inside but I prefer this blue.

This planner may not suit everyone, this one is a first for me only because of the format. The everyday section has times, a to-do list, notes etc which is all great just a little different.

Do you guys use a planner? I love planners so much it's so much fun! Do you have any recommendations? I hope you enjoyed a look into my new planner! Have a great day!

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