Saturday, March 12, 2016

e.l.f review: baked eyedshadow palette

Hello everyone! I've been gone for a little, i'm home for spring break but it's almost over! I'm going back to school this Sunday. Today I bring you a little review of the baked eyeshadow palette from E.L.F this palette is called Texas and you can find it here for only ten dollars!

E.L.F is pretty inexpensive and they do not test on animals. For someone who is starting with makeup (like me) or someone that doesn't want to spend a lot this is a great brand! Lets begin!

This palette brings 10 shades and they are so pretty! The photo doesn't do them justice. 

So I wanted to show you guys how the colors would look on skin so I swatched them on my arm. Let me just say, I love these colors they are so pretty! I don't know if you can notice (thnx camera) but some of them are very shimmery. Also, perhaps you're thinking... but Gen they aren't very pigmented! Well my friend, this palette can be used both wet or dry (your choice) so if you use a wet brush to apply this the colors will be more pigmented! 

Obviously this isn't some high quality top of the market palette but it's ten dollars and it does a pretty good job! They also have 3 other palettes with different colors that are very pretty as well.

☆ Easy to use
☆ Very pretty colors!
☆ Dry or wet
☆ Affordable price

☆ Sparkly (if you don't like sparkly eyeshadow) 
☆ Can be a bit messy 

Overall would I recommend this to a friend? definitely! If you don't like sparkly eyeshadow then this one may not be for you but if so then this is great! It's affordable and easy to use. 

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