Wednesday, February 24, 2016

the five favorites: books

Hello again everyone! On Saturday I wrote about deciding to do five favorite things of five random somethings. So today I bring you the five favorites, featuring recent books I've been digging! Lets begin!

I just finished this book today and I gave it a four out of five. It was such a short book too, only 64 pages! It's a short novella written by the same author who wrote Gone Girl. I picked this small book up because it was on sale and I ended up really liking it. 

What it's about: A canny young woman is struggling to survive by perpetrating various levels of mostly harmless fraud. On a rainy April morning, she is reading auras at Spiritual Palms when Susan Burke walks in.

I don't know if you guys have heard of Lovely Complex but when I was younger I saw the anime and fell in love and since then it's been my favorite anime. Recently i've been wanting to read the manga and I own the first so I read the second one online and it was just as great as I expected!

What it's about: Risa and Otani are always being laughed at as the comedy duo. Risa, a girl, is taller than the average girl, and Otani, a boy, is shorter than the average boy. The two are always bickering and even their teacher sees them as a comedy act. But as their friendship develops, so do Risa's feelings toward Otani.

Okay so yeah, i'm totally late on this but I'll definitely finish this one soon! I love the Divergent trilogy and this addition was just perfect so hopefully i'll be able to finish this one soon, it's very short!

What it's about: Four: A Divergent Collection is a collection of five short stories from the Divergent trilogy, told from Tobias Eaton's perspective, and written by Veronica Roth. 

Ao No Exorcist is another one of my favorite animes so I went ahead and decided to read the mangas and I finished volume too sometime last month maybe and as expected I loved it! 

You can watch the anime online it's pretty easy to find, you can also read the manga online although usually I like to buy them (online for cheap) because they're just so beautiful!

What it's about: Ao no Exorcist follows Rin Okumura who appears to be an ordinary, somewhat troublesome teenager—that is until one day he is ambushed by demons. His world turns upside down when he discovers that he is in fact the very son of Satan and that his demon father wishes for him to return so they can conquer Assiah together. Not wanting to join the king of Gehenna, Rin decides to begin training to become an exorcist so that he can fight to defend Assiah alongside his brother Yukio.

So I actually started this (small) book in Janurary and still haven't finished it thanks to school, but i'm half way done and I'm really liking it. It was recommended to me by my best friend who said she really loved it! 

There is actually a movie out for The Giver, but I heard very bad reviews for it. I plan on watching it after I finish the book. There are more books after this one, it's a quartet.

What it's about: The Giver is a 1993 American young-adult dystopian novel by Lois Lowry. It is set in a society which at first appears as a utopian society but is revealed to be a dystopian one as the story progresses.

Have you read any of these books? Comment below! I'm really excited to finish and continue some of these, I have so many books i've gotten at thrift shops. How can I resist? Perhaps a book haul will be coming soon.. see you then!

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