Saturday, December 29, 2012


How did you guys spend your Christmas? Hopefully it went awesome, and for those who didn't have a very good one.. don't worry! There's plenty more and surely you'll soon have a great one! 
This year for Christmas Eve my family and I went to my aunts house, we had a small little party there and opened our gifts there. Tons of food and sweets, and of course i mostly ate sweets because i can't resist.  I got some awesome gifts like really cute pj's, perfume, galaxy s3, a cute case for it, tons of candy!, money, a cooler for my laptop, a game for my xbox, and a book from my lovely mother. It was great spending time with the family and eating delicious food and getting great gifts. Here are some photos of this Christmas!

That's the new case my sister got for my phone, it's so cute  molang is so adorable! I got that case from ebay, i don't trust ebay much but eh.. maybe i'll buy more from it i don't know yet.

1. New pj's from my sweet aunt  2. A bow of santa going down the chimney i got from my school nurse, she's so sweet! 3. I had a mask on, made my skin nice and soft~ 

4. Delicious chocolate yumm~ 5. Shopping with the momma 6. Party at aunts~

7. Party at my aunts 8. Christmas party at aunts, so much fun! Gifts for everyone! 9. Okay this movie was so great!

10. Snow, It's been snowing so much lately and I love it! Today It snowed so much, I went out and kicked It around a bit, and cleaned my fathers car. 11. Loco face at a store with the momma 12. Fuck you! I don't know I liked this very much. 

I know this post is a bit late but i still hope you guys had a great Christmas! Take care x

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