Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello everyone! School is just around the corner. Some of you have already started school, as for me I start on the third. I want to share some study tips for school that I hope you guys will use! If you also have any study tips please share them below because I would love to learn more tips to study! Anyways, lets begin!

Using flashcards always work for me. If you need to learn some new vocab words flashcards are very simple and convenient to use! Words one side definition other side. I use markers and different colored pens. You can also use fun colored flashcards! Whenever I have a test and I have to remember certain words, this always helps best.

Get comfortable and grab a healthy snack! Sometimes you're just not in the right place or mood to study, it happens. I usually like to lay on my bed with my work besides me because it's nice and comfy, other times i want more room but I don't want to sit on a table or my bed so I grab everything and sit on my floor, its weird but sorta helps me concentrate haha. As for snacks, grab something tasty and healthy. My favorite snacks are grapes, apples with peanut butter, and celery with peanut butter (yum). Grab some berries if you'd like, they're known to fuel the brain which is very helpful when studying.

I found that typing my notes for classes that I write a lot really helps! Whenever i'm in history class I know i'm going to write a lot so once I get home I type down everything I wrote that day and it makes a study guide for when you need one! This helps me remember what I learned that day much easier and stay more organized, if you don't want to type your notes then that's okay! You can just look over your notes once you're home, highlight important things that you need to remember and you're going to do just fine.

Sometimes studying alone isn't the best choice, try studying with your friends. That way you learn something and they learn something as well. I always remember things much more easily when I speak about it with others, that's why at times I prefer group studying. Make sure the people you study with are actually going to study and not fool around! haha

I hope these tips help you all! It's okay if they don't because everyone is different that's why If you have any tips you want to share please leave them below in the comment section because I would love to read them as well. Have a wonderful day and study hard!

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